The School of Light Group Sessions are a creative and interactive way to participate in an exciting new branch of photography, foster relationships, and build team spirit.

Red Bull

Lighting the Way: New Employee Welcome Event.
The School of Light was approached by Red Bull USA to create a fast-paced interactive light painting event to welcome 25 new employees to their national headquarters in Santa Monica CA.

“Unlike anything else out there!”
Mariah Geyen, Red Bull

Team members were able to paint jaw-dropping patterns to a specially mixed soundtrack and see their results immediately projected 20 feet across, to the encouragement and applause of their colleagues in the audience.

The evening was capped by a series of exceptional creations, with the participants first planning and making beautiful patterns in small teams, ending with a spectacular light painting by the whole group.

Leaving exhilarated, everybody took with them tailor-made packs with specially commissioned ‘Lighting the Way’ t-shirts and some simple light painting tools to continue the fun.


Who We Are

The School of Light is your partner in creating a company culture that excites and inspires. Nothing propels innovation better than supporting creative activity amongst work colleagues.

What is Light Painting?

Light Painting is a combination of lively, rhythmic movements with an array of simple, safe, battery powered lights in a darkened studio that allows participants to make beautiful photographs, literally out of thin air.


The School of Light offers a full event service, from a handful of people to larger gatherings, and caters for sessions ranging from a few hours of entertaining involvement to a full day of immersive activities.

Our knowledgeable and friendly team demonstrates the simple techniques and easy to use tools available, and is there to assist at every step to keep the action upbeat and enjoyable.

Each participant will be able to see the photographs they make as they make them, enhancing the group involvement in the creative process.

Supporting Materials

Supporting materials and customized giveaways are part of our complete event service and can be included in your tailor-made package.

Follow up

As a follow up to the event, we offer delivery of beautiful hand printed images or digital files of the images participants have created.

Team Building

As a team building and bonding experience, Light Painting encourages creative group and individual thinking. This fun and easy to learn technique enables participants to make truly captivating photographs of the patterns and shapes they have ‘painted’ in mid air, either as individuals, or part of a group effort. Our unique combination of light, music and movement brings out the artist in everyone.

Home or Away

The School of Light can create the perfect Light Painting event at our dedicated downtown LA studio or at any suitable venue.

Previous photographic experience or knowledge is not necessary and The School of Light will supply all of the cameras, materials and light painting tools the participants will need to make and view their memorable and completely unique images.

Don’t forget the fun factor

Rules are made to be broken. Who said professional development can't be fun? A playful group experience such as Light Painting creates a level of trust where creativity flourishes.

Great talent is attracted to a work environment that actively incorporates the fun factor.

Lighting the Way

Andrew Hall, the founder of The School of Light and a recognized expert in the field of Light Painting, directs our Group Light Painting sessions.

As an experienced photographer, Andrew continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the medium.

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