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The School of Light offers a fun and exciting range of photography classes, workshops and tutorials for students from 6th to 12th grade at our state of the art studio and darkroom in the resurgent heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Individual, and insightful instruction from British photographer Andrew Hall enables students to build their skills, learn new techniques and express themselves visually in a variety of formats, from one on one study to small workshop groups.

Black & White Darkroom Foundation

Film is back! Film is not dead! Film is cool!

In a world flooded with digital images, photographers of all ages are rediscovering analog photography as a creative and hands-on alternative that really puts them in touch with the art and craft of making photographs the classic way.

Jump into the world of film photography with our 4-week Darkroom Foundation course ‘Into the Dark’

In a simple ‘Shoot, Develop and Print’ format students will be guided through the steps to create beautiful black and white prints from their own negatives. This immersive and practical course encourages hand-eye skills, working with safe, eco-friendly chemicals and fine art paper to make lasting images they can be proud of.

All film, darkroom materials, paper and chemicals will be supplied and students will have their own enlarger for the duration of the course. We can even supply a camera, but if you want to bring your own, that’s even better!

Class Fees

Classes: 2 hours at $200 per class
(We recommend a course of 4 classes)

Group discounts are available for 2-5 students studying at the same time:
2 hours at $150 per class/per student

Classes are available weekdays and weekends by arrangement.

Call or email us for more information.

T / 213 700 5581

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