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The School of Light is somewhere to explore how you can make your photographs really matter, by expressing your individual vision through your camera lens.

Why The School of Light?

What makes the aspirational real is often Inspiration. We established The School of Light to inspire and energize.

Located in Downtown LA, near the Theater District currently undergoing a modern renaissance, The School of Light offers a wide range of Photography classes to stimulate your visual creativity.

Whether you are an interested beginner looking for a general grounding, or a committed enthusiast looking for specialized subject areas, The School of Light offers classes, workshops and tutorials to match your aspirations.

Guided by award-winning British photographer Andrew Hall, participants are be able to expand their photographic style and ability in an atmosphere of collaboration, inspiration, and enjoyment.


Andrew Hall

Working with the top advertising and design agencies in London and Europe, Andrew Hall has made his career shooting everything from cosmetics and special effects in the studio, to people in locations from Moscow to the Sahara Desert.

As a photographer, Hall continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the medium, both as a committed and empathetic instructor and as an artist with an international reputation.

You can find out more about Andrew here.

Salvador Ochoa

Sal Ochoa is a much travelled photographer specializing in reportage, people, portraits and music, bringing a sympathetic eye and unerring sense of color to everything he shoots.

We are very happy to welcome Sal to our faculty, and students can look forward to a vibrant series of new digital street photography workshops with him in the near future.

You can see why we're so excited about Sal's work here.